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August 16, 2010

A Grandson’s Delight



My Grandson . . . . . . . . . .  
He delights in my presence.
He watches for me to come,
     and runs to meet me at the door.
Or sometimes he waits
     until I come in the door,
     then runs across the room,
     flies into my arms,
     giving me big hugs
     and one of our own special,
          name-brand waterproof kisses.

He loves me.
He thinks I am wonderful.
I don’t have to do anything
except “show up.”
He just seems to want me!
God, I want to delight in you,
as Jake delights in me.
I know You already delight in me .

C.S. Lewis says “I think we delight to praise what we enjoy because the praise not merely expresses, but completes the enjoyment. Complete my enjoyment of you, Dear God

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August 11, 2010

The Dance

The Dance - July 2008

The Dance – July 2008

written July  2008, 2 years ago:  God, there is so much change and growth going on in my life. You are helping me understand myself better. Sometimes I get tired of the energy it takes to continue growing. And that is where I was yesterday as I sat by the Lake:

Yesterday the grasses danced in the wind.
They did not resist nor did they fight .
They danced a graceful dance . . .
     gently swaying, dipping
     and then suddenly changing direction
     all in response to the wind.

Today the dance is much gentler . . . 
     The wind is gentler.
At first the grasses look fragile . . .
     as if they could break . . .
     as if they have no mind of their own.
Then I see - each blade is strong.
Its strength lies in its ability to
     bend and sway
     all in response to
     the wind.
Lord, You speak to me through this dance.
I am calmed. . .
     enchanted by the
     grace-filled movement.
I want the "true me". . .  
     the one you created
     to dance.

I cannot forsake this journey.
I must continue.
Lord, let me be full of grace
     bringing calm and sweet peace
     to those who watch me dance
     in response to your Holy Spirit.

Help me uncover the "true self" . . .
     the one you created me to be.
And then shed the "false self"
     the one that works so hard
      to preserve its image.

Help me pay attention
     to YOU . . .
     the one who made me.

And let the true me dance.

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July 6, 2010

Ice Cream Trucks, Solitude and Being

Lake Opeka, A Sacred Place

Lord, I’ve been sitting here at the lake.
The assignment from my class is to
     “practice solitude” . . . 
     to be quiet
     in Your presence.

I should just be honest and say
I know I should do this assignment.
But I’d really like to get going.
I have a lot to do today.
And just sitting here quietly
     in Your presence
     doesn’t seem very “productive.”
I should be
     reading scripture
               or at least
                    writing in my journal.

It doesn’t help that the ice cream truck plays on and on.
Lord, how can I practice solitude and quiet
     with “La Cucaracha”
     playing over and over? ”

Good!  It’s leaving now.
I’ll start over!
But the truck simply drives down the street
     to another location . . .
     And the music begins again?
Lord, what in the world am I to learn from this?

Ahh…quiet once again . . .
And I hear You say,
     “Don’t give up so fast.
No one ever said it was easy
     to just ‘be.'”

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July 5, 2010

Back Yard Lessons on “Abiding”

Back Yard Lessons on "Abiding"

Back Yard Lessons on “Abiding”

John 15:5-8 (The Message)

“I am the Vine, you are the branches. When you’re joined with me and I with you, the relation intimate and organic, the harvest is sure to be abundant. Separated, you can’t produce a thing. Anyone who separates from me is deadwood, gathered up and thrown on the bonfire. (the Message)


This book, Sacred Rhythms  by Ruth Barton is challenging me!  Solitude, as a discipline doesn’t come naturally, at least not for me.  It’s probably why it’s called a discipline!  And discipline takes practice.

Sitting here in my backyard, practicing, I ask:
“Lord, is there something you’d like me to notice
here in my ordinary back yard?”
My eyes fall on a broken-off tree branch
lying in the middle of the yard,
dry and shriveled

And I can’t help but think of what Jesus said
about the vine (Jesus)
and the branches (us)
He tells us a branch attached to the vine
brings life.
and a branch,  separated from the life-giving vine

Lord, when I don’t spend time with You . . .
I become shriveled, dried up
However, unlike this branch, which can never recover,
I can go back to spending time in Your presence . . . .
back to You . . .
the One who is already searching
and waiting for me.

I grab my camera.
I want to REMEMBER this for myself
& CELEBRATE by sharing with others!


June 23, 2010

Clean, Clear, Crisp Days & Life



Chicago Botanic Garden, January 2009

I have always loved this photo – a beautiful sunshiny day at the Botanic Gardens.  So tonight in our group when we are to choose a photo as a journaling prompt, I knew I would pick it, even though I really didn’t know how it would fit.  (Since I am the facilitator, I have a certain advantage.  Or is it disadvantage?)  This photo is compelling and so I write in response to “journal ,using this photo as a picture of your spiritual life and desires as they are right now.”

Clean crisp air
No fog today
A warm coat,
a scarf,
I am set to enjoy this cold day.

Sort of like my life these days. . .
Clear air,
no fog.
It’s good to feel alive,
in a “good place.”

But like this beautiful day,
If I am to experience this moment
to the fullest extent . . .
to be fully alive . . .
I must pay attention
to what I need
in this season
of my life.

Yet, good as things are right now,
something is “off.”
I’m “wired . . .”
always moving
my feet,
my hands,
my mouth.
my mind unfocused.

Last night in your presence,
there was calm.
And I know I need the quiet
as much as ever!
When I am desperate, I create the time!
To not create the time
when I am feeling good
is like not stretching
because my back doesn’t hurt today!

God, gently reminded me
that as good as I feel right now,
I still need to prepare
to enter into the life
you have for me.
I need YOU!
I still need time to
quiet myself . . .
listen . . .
pray . . .


June 11, 2010

Lilacs, Raindrops, Pine Needles & Peace

Friday morning in Montana.

We just arrived last night. The wonderful wedding craziness that is part of any wedding starts tonight with rehearsal. Tomorrow, Brian and Becca get married!

I am out here on the deck Gordon built. I miss him, but I am OK. I do love being here in Montana where Gordon lived his life. I look around and ask God if he has anything here for me in this beautiful place this morning before everything swings into action.

I breathe in the fragrance of the lilacs.
       lining the deck where I sit.
I take deep breaths, slowly  . . .
      breathing in and out . . . 
       noticing the beauty of the fragrance
       and of the flower itself.

I hear a bird calling and I follow the sound,
            never finding him (her?)
            but I enjoy the music.  

As I continue to wander around the yard,
       I notice the raindrops
       clinging to the pine needles.
Such startling beauty in simple things.

I think of scripture that tells me
       I can know God
       by the things He created.

Romans 1:20 – But the basic reality of God is plain enough. Open your eyes and there it is! By taking a long and thoughtful look at what God has created, people have always been able to see what their eyes as such can’t see: eternal power, for instance, and the mystery of his divine being.

I feel peace sweep over me and it comforts like a  warm sweater on a chilly morning. 
I grab my camera. I want to “Remember and Celebrate” this display of God’s goodness!

Thank you, God.

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April 5, 2010

Defined by . . . .

A Sacred Space - Willow Tree at Lake Opeka

Ruth Haley Barton, Sacred Rhythms says   “It is your desire for God and your capacity to reach for more of God than you have right now that is the deepest essence of who you are . . . not your woundedness . . .not your personality . . . not your giftedness,  but your desire!”

As I pondered the losses of my life in relation to this statement, I wrote the following.

 Dear God,
          to think you see me
               as I was intended to be. . .
                        not “the girl
                                  who lost
                                           all of her siblings.”

 You don’t look at me and say:    
“Even though it was hard,
      now Carol has a purpose.”
 The losses of my life
       and resulting wounds
       have their impact,
But that is not what you see.

You are using these things in my life . . .
I am able to minister in special ways. . .
But these losses do not define me.

Tears spring to my eyes.
I find this hard to believe . . . .
My head knows it to be true.

It’s just that
     my heart
          would also like to know
                to be assured.
Help me understand and know.

And Dear God,
Help me pay attention
     to what you will continue to do
     in my life . . .
          giving me opportunity for
               ministries and purposes
                     that only I can fulfill.

Dear Child:
Your desire is evidence
     that I am continuing
     to draw you
     to myself. 
Pay attention.
Spend quiet moments with me,
I will lead you in life-giving ways.


February 1, 2010

Happy Again

It’s peaceful out here tonight.
The snow makes everything
        so quiet.
And I breathe deeply.
I didn’t know if I’d truly know
       happiness again
       that I could feel this good.
I thought I had lost myself,
       never to find the old me again
I didn’t find the old me exactly.

What I am starting to discover
       is the me that God created
       me to be . . .
       the one I was
       before I developed patterns of coping
       with pain and loss
       patterns that are no longer helpful.
The me who now
       knows herself more fully
       and in turn can relate more fully
       with God and others.

Tonight I feel deep down joy.
I am so glad it is still to be found.
My heart broke,
       my world crashed around me
       but in the rebuilding I found
       strength I’d never known.
Thank you, God.

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March 25, 2009

Safety Line Attach Points and Trust


March of 2009. Mom has just been admitted to hospice care. I am on my way to see Carol and the kids and I am so afraid of all that is ahead. I don’t know how I will manage her care. It seems very overwhelming. I am sitting on the plane waiting for take-off, talking to Galen about my fears. I end the conversation as we are preparing for takeoff . . . . . .

And I notice this symbol on the wing of the airplane
outside my window.

I don’t pay attention at first
but as I sit here
and think about what is ahead,
      that silly circle
      is all I can see
      from my window seat
      over the wing.


Lord, I feel like I am on a
      slippery slope.
      in need of a safety line.
And you remind me . . .
      a safely line is only
      as safe as the
      “attach point.”

And I know there is a lesson here for me.
I will attach my line to YOU
      as I’m learning once again to trust. 
      But I am really scared.
I know my faith dare not rest
      only on You doing
      what I want . . .
      what I think
            I need.
Please help me.
I want to trust that
      You’ll coordinate all these things
      as I am losing again.
Be patient with me
      while I learn to walk by faith yet again . . .
            trusting  the “Attach Point”
            is SAFE.

When I return home, I ask a dear family friend, John Tyler who is a retired American Airlines Mechanic. He tells me that in the emergency, the emergency door is opened but on a narrow-bodied plane like this one, there is no chute. The passengers slide down the flaps – the first person out attaches a rope to this “safety line attach point,”  and it is used as a safety rope/guide line for those leaving the plane.

“Keep me safe, O God,

I’ve run for dear life to you.
I say to GOD, “Be my Lord!”
Without you, nothing makes sense.
My choice is you, GOD, first and only.
And now I find I’m your choice!
Psalm 16:1&2, 5     The Message










March 1, 2008

Quiet, How I Need the Quiet

Lake Opekawritten March, 2008 – after extensive travel, both business and pleasure….just gone a LOT

How I need the quiet.
It’s been a week of
constant people
being in new places
constant noise
and more people
(even at night,
my hotel room is full of people)

Days without time alone with You
Leave me on edge . . . restless.
I eat too much, thinking that will satisfy.
I check email too often.
I restlessly roam from room to room
accomplishing nothing of value.
I lose my focus as I
eat . . .
roam . . .
continually check email.
And then I realize I am procrastinating . . .
not finding the thing I need most . . .
time alone with You.

He did it again.
The enemy tells me I can still the
with things that don’t satisfy.
As long as He can keep me searching
in the wrong places,
I distance myself
from YOU,
the only one
who really satisfies.

Now I am sitting here by the Lake.
I look at the water . . .
I hear the noise of the suburbs,
and it is asking nothing of me.
At last, alone with You
I feel your peace.
I feel your heart for me.
I feel my heart for you.
Why did I wait so long?
Why did I try all those other things?
I didn’t even recognize it was the enemy
using what He knows best
to keep me from You.

God, the next time,
help me pay attention
to what is really happening
in my soul.
And look for the ONE
who truly satisfies.