Birthdays are for Remembering

Ronald Verle Longenecker 9/12/1957-5/5/1960

Today I am thinking about
a brown-eyed little boy –
born 53 years ago today –
I think about what he would have been as an adult!
I only knew him 2 1/2 years –
too little time to really know . . .
I  remember eyes sparkling with life,
full of mischief.
I think he would have been
more tall than short . . .
still have his brown eyes
and brown hair . . .
And we’d call him Ron, instead of Ronnie!
I miss him on days like today –
I imagine he and Gordon are “playing” together once again.
Someday I will “play” with them too.

Feeling tender, a little sad and happy that I had him in my life!
And grateful for the love of friends who have become like family to me!!