Clear, Crisp, Sunshiny Days – I Still Need You

I have always loved this photo – a beautiful sunshiny day at the Botanic Gardens. The slow drift of wet snow throughout the day yesterday into the evening reminded me of a visit to the Gardens after another snowstorm a number of years ago and my written response to the images of that day as I participated in my a weekly small group. My written reflections are below.

botanic garden winter path

Tonight I am the facilitator in our small group in the absence of our leader. I chose a group of photos to use as a journaling prompt and I knew when I chose them which one I would choose, just because I loved it so much. Now, here I am in the quiet with my friends in group as we are given instructions to “journal, using this photo as a picture of your spiritual life and desires as they are right now.”

Clean crisp air
no fog today
down coat
warm scarf
soft fuzzy gloves
I am set to enjoy this cold day.

Sort of like my life right now
no fog
It’s good to feel alive
in a “good place.”

But like this beautiful day,
to experience this moment
to the fullest extent
I must pay attention
to what I need
in this good season
of my life
Just as I was prepared for the cold

Yet, good as things are right now,
something is “off.”
I’m “wired . . .”
always moving
my feet,
my hands,
my mouth
my mind racing

Last night
as we each quietly considered
the question for ourselves
I felt your presence,
my body – relaxed
my mind – stilled
And I know

I must cultivate the quiet
even in good times.

To not create the time
when I am feeling good
is like not stretching
because my back doesn’t hurt today!

God, you gently reminded me
as good as these days feel right now
I still need time to
quiet myself
listen to you
feelthe down-coat-warm-scarf-fuzzy-glove
warmth of your loving presence.

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