The gift of tears – is there room for them?

Diana Trautwein - Living the QuestionsDiana Trautwein asks this question in her “Living the Questions ” series on her blog,  Just Wondering this week.  This week I am linking my post to hers.  There has been a great discussion there in her online community.  You might want to spend some time there.

Yes, Yes, there is room for my tears.
Tears are a gift.
I have shed many tears beside this lake
many of them under this willow tree.

A Sacred Space - Willow Tree at Lake Opeka
A Sacred Space – Willow Tree at Lake Opeka

and in this garden
beside this waterfall.

a favorite hide-away, Chicago Botanic Gardens

Sacred spaces
where I am quiet enough to
hear his voice.

While some have been tears
of deep grief,
sometimes tears tell me
it’s time to
pay attention
see what God has for me.

Although not always readily apparent,
the time spent paying attention
until it becomes clear
is time