On Blankets and Being

 From my May 2008 album:
 Mason, how you love your blankets . . . all five of them! The colorful one is your “Guatemala blanket” and the blue/yellow/white on is the one I made for we were waiting for you to come home to us.

When you wake up, you point and say “it” for each one of them until I gather up all them along with you!   Then you are willing to sit and cuddle while you wake up slowly

 I love these quiet moments together… just “being.”

Maybe that’s how God feels when we are willing to just sit quietly with Him – not asking anything of Him, just content to be with Him.

2 Replies to “On Blankets and Being”

  1. I find “being” to be so elusive most of the time. There always seems to be an agenda, a to do list…learning to just “be” in relationship with my God, my husband, my children and friends takes more effort than I’d like to admit. I need some reprograming found in quiet solitude. Wish I could just flip a switch and “be”. Of course, if it were that easy…it wouldn’t be such a treasure!
    Thanks for sharing from your heart!! Love & hugs!

  2. Carol, how lovely! I feel inspired to work on “being”! This is a wonderful picture of you two!

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