princesses, plans and life lessons

It is the week after Christmas and the family is visiting

Princesses and warriors reign in my house

The princesses twirl . . .

Smile sweetly . . . and wave their magic wands . . .

These pretty poses.
Who teaches them these things?
Princesses just know . . .

They lovingly hug the baby . . .

They don’t just brighten our lives.

Without knowing it, they teach us lessons about life.

One afternoon, while the warriors are off fighting battles, two little princesses coming up my basements steps are heard to say: “We don’t need parents anymore to help us. We help each other hold our dresses up.”

“How cute,” I think….A mama overhearing and being much wiser in the ways of three year old princesses, says to herself: “I’d better see what is going on! They  head to the bathroom, where they think they don’t need help holding up their dresses.  But even with mama helping, the hem of the dress falls in the water. There are tears of distress and dismay.  Grandma comes to the rescue with a little soap and water. It will dry. All is well.

A little later I hear something a little different as they once again come up the steps and head to the bathroom:  “We need parents to help us don’t we?”

And I can’t help but think –
How often I go about my life,
making plans
not bothering to ask for help
thinking I don’t need it
And then discovering
I should have asked for help.

Lord, help me remember
I often need “a parents” help,”
someone wiser than me.
You have made me for community.

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