You Want Me To Do WHAT?

Yes, I know it’s Monday, not Sunday and by the time some of you read this it will be Tuesday. But sometimes Monday is the new Sunday around here. Sometimes I’m just not ready to post on a schedule  and then on some days,  I am not sure I believe what I thought I was going to write — and then God meets me and I remember I do believe. That’s why I call this “Remember & Celebrate on Sunday” (or sometimes Monday). This view in the photo below led to a dialogue between God and me earlier this month.


You want me to go where?
You mean keep walking forward?
I can’t see.
What if there is a big drop-off out there?
An unscalable mountain range?
A bear? A lion?
What if I am all alone?

My child,
I didn’t tell you to go any further
than you can see.
There’s enough for the next step.
Do you remember, last night you saw this same area from a different perspective.
You even saw a path leading into those tall rushes.
You can see enough to get to the path and start walking on it.
I know what’s ahead.
I know what you need
to keep going where I am

You can’t see but I can.

Just because you can’t see the path as far ahead as
you would like to see,
doesn’t mean you can’t start walking on the path
you can see.

But God,
I am really scared.
So many things can happen – have already happened. Things have been pretty upside down this past number of years. I can’t keep up with the changes.

My Child,
I know. I know.

You get to be scared and it’s OK if you question. I understand.
All I ask is you keep walking as long as you can see enough to take the
next step.
I am with you. I’ve got you.

And you have a lot of people in your life to remind you of these things when you start to doubt.
You are not alone on any level.

But God,
What if I do get to a place where I really can not see the next step?
What then?

My Child, 
if you can’t see, then just rest for a bit.
You’ll see the next step when you need it.

So God,
How about this picture now? I’ve added these words.