The distraction trap

“Lord, are you offended by my distraction during my time when I want to be with you?”

You whisper back to me with love, “It’s not your distraction, Carol.  It’s the phone you keep ever ready, stopping to check and recheck that which does not need checking right now.

Can’t you just lay it aside  – the only call you need to answer is one from your dad. 

 I know that’s why you keep it so close to you.  That rarely happens.

Checking your phone frequently happens.

“Lord, I get it.  I don’t like it when people I am with are constantly picking up their cell phones as if being with me is not enough.   Why would you like it anymore than I do.  Looks like I have some habits to change when I am wtih people and with YOU too.”

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  1. Oh, my. You hit the nail on the head. Every morning during my quiet time I struggle to stay focused. Frequently thinking about my day and hopefully I won’t forget something.

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