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November 14, 2011

Before and After Day 8: Coming Home & an Airline Angel

Here he is in April when he and Carol visited.  I’ve always loved that  Strawberry Blond hair!

It’s Monday Morning and Mom and Dad and I are flying home.   Galen stays behind to help Carol with business matters.  A week ago they were searching for him.  Now we are headed home after the Memorial Service.   As I sit there I notice……

The guy in the front of me has hair like Gordon’s,
that strawberry blonde color I love so much.
If I halfway close my eyes
I can almost turn him into Gordon.
I try not to look . . . .
but there he is,
right in front of me

I get up to go to the restroom.
As I come out,
the flight attendant who looks vaguely familiar
stops me and says
“Do I know you?”

This happens often when I travel.
“Des Plaines Bible Church . . . ”
“Creative Memories . . . ”
“attend church on the NorthShore . . “.
“That’s it!” She cries!
“North Sub Church . . . .
You’re my choir angel!”

I tell her why I’m traveling.
how seeing her
feeling her hug
is like a hug from God
And if I am her choir angel,
she is my airline angel.

Oh, and the guy with the strawberry blond hair:
He’s a “she” and looks nothing like my brother!

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  1. Elaine Clymer says:

    Ah! How wonderful to get a angel in the time of need! And the strawberry blonde story is cute!

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