A Steadfast Love, Cascading

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. Lamentations 3:22 This morning the  preacher talked of this steadfast love as we worshiped with our son and his family at their church. We do this occasionally, finding it to be a sweet time. “Steadfast” love speaks of a loyal love full-of-resolve love steadily-directed love A recent…

Backward and Upside Down Beauty

Did you know a drop of water reflects and turns an image upside down and backward. It changes the perspective of the light, the image, and the color. So does this clear glass ball which is a part of the lobby window treatment at our favorite Chicago hotel where we were celebrating our 46th anniversary….

Noticing At lake Opeka

(“Noticing” at Lake Opeka) Jesus, Do you have something here for me today?  As I sit down here beside the lake I realize something. I used to come and simply be quiet for a while when I arrived. Now I find myself sitting down, picking up my phone and cruising through All.The.Stuff. I think I’ve…

Remembering and Celebrating on the Weekend #1 – Simply Noticing

Remember – to call to mind again.Creating a visual helps me do this. Celebrate – has to do with rejoicing/praising/ marking an occasion with others. Today, on Sunday, I Remember and Celebrate with you, my readers. ************************************************* You can read about Remember and Celebrate by clicking HERE  if you are new to the blog.