18 wheelers, VW’s & Burdens

A large 18 wheeler with a yellow cab catches my eye . . .
part of the busy traffic this morning across the lake.

and I think. . . . what if it was a VW pulling the load…
Lord, I don’t want to be a VW trying to pull
a load you did not intend for me

Lord, I am not sure I should keep my eyes open
while practicing solitude.
I get so distracted. But then
You do speak to me through
what I see.
And this morning you speak to me through
18 wheelers
and VW’s

Maybe I’m thinking about VW’s because
“Mr. C” taught me a new game.

See a VW, say “Punch Buggy”
Then “punch” the person next to you.
In my day it was “slug bug” followed by “slugging”
You use all kinds of things to speak to us
through our everyday lives.

Lord, it feels good to be here today.
It always feels good.
So many things weighing on my mind
Help me focus. . .
do the things that need to be done.
Only pay attention to the “load” you’ve intended
for me today
and no more.

Dear Carol, Do not forget
My burden is easy.
It is light.

Carry only my “load.”
Your life and all your burdens are in my hands
I may ask you to “help me out.”
now and then.
But this burden is NOT yours.
It is MINE!

Matthew 11:30

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  1. Oh so true! Carol, you really do great with seeing God with your eyes open. The load is not so bad after all, is it?

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