A Boy, His Blankets and Being

A Boy and his Blankets

He loves his blankets.
all five of them.
Waking up, he points to a blanket
saying “it,” over and over
until his Grandma gathers
all of them

Then, and only then, does he melt
into her lap, uncharacteristically quiet
while he wakes up slowly to his world.
Grandma loves these rare, quiet times
all of them

The colorful one, the blanket
brought along with him by his
Mother and Daddy from the
country of his birth.
The blue, yellow, and white one
crocheted with love by his Grandma,
for the boy she waited for
the one they allĀ  waited for,
all of them.


Perhaps it’s how God feels when
we are willing to sit quietly in his lap,
Asking nothing, simply being with
all of Him.

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