Borrowed Views

It is a beautiful day for a “prayerful walk” in Botanic Gardens. I am headed over to the Serpentine Bridge, when I pass the sign to the “Council Ring.”

 It’s one of those places that isn’t on the way to anything else. – a “destination” kind of place – a quiet reflective place to sit, to think and be quiet.  A good place  for time with a friend.

I have spent time with a friend here. I remember our easy conversation, her listening ear as she entered into my grief the summer after Gordon died – the friend who had been worried about me and encouraged me to go see a counselor – It was good advice and I took it, but that is not what draws me there today.

It’s that sign.  And even though I am headed over to the Serpentine Bridge, one of my favorite places in the garden. . . . and even though the “Council Ring” is a detour, I keep walking – but as I pass the entrance to the path, I feel pulled to it. I wonder if there is something there for me – something to notice.

 As I walk up the path, I remember how much I love this path with the tall grasses lining each side. 


  And then on the way up the path near the top of the hill, I see this sign . . .


I glance out across the landscape and then continue up the path, sort of dismissing it but then thinking to ask God if there is something in that sign for me. 
If there is, I want to know it.

I reach the “Ring” and start back down, stopping again at the “Borrowed Views” sign.

Again I stop to look out over the landscape – the “Borrowed View.”

And there it is – the Serpentine Bridge – the place I started out for – the place I want to go.

 A “Borrowed View” –
          making a “small garden appear larger.”
          a picture of trust perhaps.
The hope there is something more for me, for us
          even if we can only see it from a distance.
Something/Someone who gives us hope
          this is not all there is.

This mornimg the borrowed view gives me a sense of peace.
I think You wanted me to see this God.
And then I head over to the bridge,
           only to be stopped a blockade on the path to the Bridge.
They only way to get there now is to go around the long way.
Time runs out and  I must turn back . . .
            go home before reaching the bridge

But I see it.
It will be there for another day.
I sense this will mean more to me the longer I sit with it.
I am not even sure why it means to much to me.

A few days later I was telling a friend about my inability to really put it into words
what this scene means to me. 

His reply – “Maybe there are no words. Sometimes our best prayer is prayer without words.”
He told me about a youtube video by Ian Cron on Prayer – I love what Ian says about prayer without words: 

“Silently giving God consent to do whatever He wants to do in my heart and in my soul . . . 
 Sitting in silent trust with God about our concerns – that is powerful.”

I think that is what I did that day.

I will do it again and again.


6 Replies to “Borrowed Views”

  1. thank you kim…I too have borrowed views from others like Shirley. maybe that’s how God planned it – the benefits of living in “community.”

  2. Hmmm…I need to sit with your sign too! However, just an initial thought comes to mind that our lives are often “borrowed views” for others. That certainly has been the case for me as relates to YOU. Your journey to seek God and all He has for you has been at times a borrowed view for me. Nothing envious but a desire to follow as you have followed, with my whole heart through the darkness and into His marvelous light. Thank you, my sister, for sharing your heart – it has inspired me (and many others)!! Love you!

  3. it seems like everyday i need that “borrowed view” and I am thankful that the views I often have to borrow are really being held by him.

  4. I am silently giving consent to God to do what He wants to do in my life today. This is a prayer I need to pray every day…sometimes every moment. Thanks Carol.

  5. This is timely. I am struggling with this whole diabetes issue and feel so frustrated. It takes so much time and energy and I feel that I don’t have enough of either. I will continue to trust him again and again.

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