Clean, Clear, Crisp Days & Life

Chicago Botanic Garden, January 2009

I have always loved this photo of a sunshiny day at Botanic Gardens. Tonight in our group when we are to choose a photo as a journaling prompt, I knew I would pick it, even though I really didn’t know how it would fit.  (Since I am the facilitator, I have a certain advantage.  Or is it disadvantage?)  This photo is compelling and so I write in response to “journal ,using this photo as a picture of your spiritual life and desires as they are right now.”

Clean crisp air
No fog today
A warm coat,
a scarf,
I am set to enjoy this cold day.

Sort of like my life these days. . .
Clear air,
no fog.
It’s good to feel alive,
in a “good place.”

But like this beautiful day,
If I am to experience this moment
to the fullest extent . . .
to be fully alive . . .
I must pay attention
to what I need
in this season
of my life.

Yet, good as things are right now,
something is “off.”
I’m “wired . . .”
always moving
my feet,
my hands,
my mouth.
my mind unfocused.

Last night in your presence,
there was calm.
And I know I need the quiet
as much as ever!
When I am desperate, I create the time!
To not create the time
when I am feeling good
is like not stretching
because my back doesn’t hurt today!

God, gently reminded me
that as good as I feel right now,
I still need to prepare
to enter into the life
you have for me.
I need YOU!
I still need time to
quiet myself . . .
listen . . .
pray . . .

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