Coffee, A Worship Song and Being

written August 4, 2011

I think I write about silence and solitude so much, not because I am “good” at it, but because it does not come easily to me.  My random mind has trouble settling down. I am learning more and more why it’s called a discipline!

Dear God,
Settling into my old purple chair this morning,
I take a sip of hot coffee and say,
‘I wonder what it would be like to sit downÂ
          each morning with a cup of coffee . . .
          just be withYou.’
And of course,Â
          that’s exactly what I’m doing.
It’s just that I can’t see you
          except with the eyes of faith
          for now it’s enough.
          It’s so hard for my random mind
          to stop long enough to hear you.
It is  important for me to show up each morning.
Thank you for always being here . . .
          just waiting.

I don’t have a lot of say right now,
I just want to be with you, Jesus

And before I know it,
          my mind is chattering about
          unimportant things.
This “being” isn’t easy.
Maybe that’s why they call it . . .
                    the Discipline of
                                        and silence.
Dear Carol,
Just show up
Get back into the practice.
Don’t fret you aren’t “good” at it.
It’s your heart I see.

And I begin to sing a song of worship.
I love you Lord and I lift my voice
          to worship you
          oh my soul rejoice
Take joy my king in what you hear
May it be a sweet sound in your ear.

And I am reminded
Music is my worship language.
It’s a way for now to stay on topic . . .
          my love for you.
Thank you, Jesus.

I go to Scripture and I read:
Psalm 143:8. . . .
Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love,
for I have put my trust in you.I never go away hungry from your “word” when I take the time.

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