Before and After – Day 4, part 1 – Visit to a Funeral Home

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Visit to A Funeral Home

We must go see him, but it's not him. 
Why must I see him like this?   
I know I must.
But my legs don’t want to move. 
My feet do not want to take me
 	down this hall
 	to where his body lies.
I wish it was a long hall	
It’s not. I tell Galen
I can’t do this, 
 	knowing I will . . . I must.   
Galen wraps his strong arm around me. 
Saying I can . . .I must.   
A quick turn to the left
and we are at the door.
I am the last one in.

He’s lying on a table - just a table.  
Carol says
“Why didn’t you just put him on a couch. 	
That would be more natural.”  
We smile through our tears. 
The prim, proper funeral Director
looks as if he thinks it irreverent. 
Gordon would appreciate 
	the attempt at humor
and would have told
one of his cheesy jokes.
I notice his thick but thinning 
strawberry blond hair 
just like his Hertzler cousins.

He looks like he is taking a nap
but how can my talkative brother sleep
with all these people here? 
Surely he’d have something to say..
He always does. 
Maybe he’ll open his eyes
and it will all be a 
Bad Dream.

Broken-hearted, Megan asks  
“Who will walk me down the aisle?”
Her mother answers, “Brian will.”
We leave him but it’s not him.
How will we ever live without him?

There are several key elements of this day and I will post in 2 parts.
click HERE as the story unfolds, “Day 4, Part 2”



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