Dear Beautifully-Broken Bit of Beach Glass

(You may listen to me read this post as you follow along if you’d like)

I see you there,
tossed on the beach
along with the stones
battered by waves after the

Such exquisite beauty
before the

I see you searching
knowing the beauty
of scattered pieces
finding each other

Still hoping for the miracle
still believing exquisite beauty
most often lies in
the mystery of


You arrived
here on the beach
battered by the waves
scraped on the rocks

I have found you
glistening from the water
reflecting the sun
a source of

Now see the possibilities
ornaments on a tree

candles, others blending
their brokenness with your’s
. . . . true beauty

Now then, sparkle and shine
Dear One. You’ll see
solitary brokenness
becoming beautifully-broken
in community
Psst:  I whisper this to you, dear beautifully-broken-bit of Beach Glass, just so you know – pieces from the same item have been known to show up on the same beach on different days. In the skilled hands of The Artist who finds them, broken pieces are fit together, creating a new thing, often lovelier than before. Then you will know this is the work of redemption and reconciliation.


3 Replies to “Dear Beautifully-Broken Bit of Beach Glass”

  1. “The mystery of brokenness…see the possibilities.” Amen. Amen. I love this image of the community of broken pieces made beautiful.

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