Going Deeper with God

from my journal, an entry from October 2006, as I was in the midst of deeply grieving the loss of Gordon:

And there’s a question asked in my small group.  This community was life to me:  I learned through all of the changes that followed Nov. 2005 that Community is life sustaining and necessary for deep change and healing to take place.

“What hinders me from “going deeper” with God?  -  
Here is my journaled answer:

I lose my peace and I am hindered from going deeper with God when I:

Focus on the future,
Forgetting God’s overriding interest
in my future
Fearing I’ll only exchange one hurt
for another
Focus on the present:
forgetting God’s presence
in my present
Believing my present is
my future
Focus on past hurts and pain
forgetting God’s extends grace to me
so I can extend it others.
and forgetting HE heals the broken hearted

Love flows unhindered between us when I

God’s presence in my present
God’s sovereignty in my future
God’s grace for my past

These reminders are gifts to me.
how easy to forget . . .
how easy to lose hope . . .
how blessed when I remember

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