Jesus has you. Everyday. Always

Beach Jewels on Simmons Island Beach, Kenosha, WI

Jesus, I was hoping you would have something for me here at the beach today. You often do when I take time to look up, look down, look around,  but I didn’t do a lot of that kind of looking today.  While I found myself restless in my body, there still was a peacefulness of mind and soul that comes with the sound of the waves, even when they are quietly slipping in and out like they are today.

I roamed the beach, looking for beach jewels – shards of discarded, broken glass, seasoned by the lake water, stones , sand and time, reminding me You make all things new.

I know I spend most of my time looking down when I walk the beach these days. That’s where the treasures are.  Every now and then I did stop to pay attention, to ask if you had something for me here today.  Like I said, I’m restless in my body today and the still, quiet moments were fleeting.

And now here I am at the end of this sun-filled, blue-sky, blue-lake day, still wondering if you had something for me, and a tinge of disappointment it seems you didn’t.  Did I miss it?

I take time now to look up, look down, look around here at my go-to-beach.  This place has held sacred moments for me over the years.  I have grieved losses and processed the growth that comes with the losses,  because I had learned You don’t waste suffering if we cooperate with you. I’ve felt lonely and sad, and happy here. I have breathed deeply here. I feel most alive when I am at the Lake. Mostly I’ve felt your presence.

I look south along the shore and see the skyline of Chicago 46 miles south. Because my phone fell in the lake, I can’t even take a picture, but I do  have a picture of the first time I noticed it.

Illinois Beach State Park, Zion, IL

Even though I know these are man-made structures I’m seeing as the sun begins to set, the scene captures my attention.  It seems like they’re saying, “See, we’re still here.” Knowing how quickly a skyline can change, it always makes me happy to see the familiar arrangement of skyscrapers outlined against the evening  sky.

And I hear You say:

I’m here. Don’t you see?
I’ve been with you all day
as you slowly made you way up
and down the beaches

Your head down, eyes focused
looking to find the color in the stones.
I know how happy it makes you.
I delighted in your joy.

When you sat on the shore, digging down
through the layers of ground
finding more color in the dirt
I sat beside you, smiling

When you did a little happy dance
as your footprint uncovered that
tiny red shard, your first-ever
I danced with you.

When you dropped those precious
Cobalt Blues into your bag
with a happy sigh,
I was delighted along with you .

When you connected with a new friend
while digging through those stones
You felt joy.
I felt joy with you

When your phone took
dip in the lake
You didn’t panic
I didn’t panic either.

When you felt that tinge of sadness
thinking I had nothing for you today
I was sad with you.
I was with you all day.

I have you. Everyday. Always.
Can that be enough for today.

I breathed a deep sigh of
smiled and said
“Oh Yes, It’s enough.”
* * *
Jesus has me. Everyday. Always.
and . . .
Jesus has you. Everyday. Always.

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