Joy and Sadness – “Inside Out” Movie Got Right

Sunset at Lake Opeka, Des Plaines, IL

It is sunset here at the Lake. Your Creation, Lord, does its work. (I talked about that HERE last weekend.) The chatter in my head fades away. And in the silence, my friend, Sadness, cautiously peeks out to see if it is safe. I have  been ignoring her, much of today spent in what I now recognize as aimless activity, all the while hoping I’ll get something “useful” done. It did not  work. It never does. As I sit with Sadness, I am aware of November 8th approaching, the 12th anniversary of my brother’s death, a death accompanied by so many losses.

the shaking of my faith
what is true
what is not true
what about prayer
why I  bother to pray
at all

feeling weak because I can’t be
like my mom and dad
who seem so strong
fear of being too much
with too much grief for far
too long.

the inexplicable loneliness
while surrounded by
love of family who cannot replace
the ones I have lost, emergence of
long-denied grief over old

exhaustion that comes
with mourning
scabs forming, pulling loose,
healing again until
Fall once again
leads to

afraid I will  grieve
forever, all the while knowing
it won’t feel this way
every day all day
it never does

Sadness, now a friend, comes most often with the approach of fall, when I am sitting in the quiet setting of the sun.  Tears come unbidden and unhindered, for I have learned to shut them off is denying what is true.  It is better to them come.

Folding up my lawn chair I gaze again at the setting sun and return to my life, a life which brings me much joy. The movie “Inside Out” had it right. Joy and Sorrow