Memoranda, Moleskins & Moments

Camera and Journal - always handy (My son will be so proud to see my tiny "Moleskin" journal!)

While with our family in Wisconsin over Thanksgiving, during one of my early morning quiet times, I was meditating on scripture and taking time to be quiet. And I remember having some kind of “insight” or “encouragement” that God brought to my mind. But I didn’t write it down and now I don’t remember.

This led me think of one of my favorite quotes from Through The Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll.  The King is referencing a frightening experience he has just had when he says:

“The horror of that moment,” the King went on, “I shall never, NEVER forget!’ “You will, though,” the Queen said, “if you don’t make a memorandum of it.”  (italics mine!)

I forgot to make a “memorandum” of my special moment with God and now I can’t remember it . . . kind of hard to  celebrate it by sharing it with you when I can’t remember.

So what does the purse have to do with this?  Well, there is a “Moleskin make-my son-proud” journal that fits into my purse.  And that’s my little camera in the side pocket there; A photo helps me remember too.   While I journal most days, I also carry a small journal for those God-Moments when I am in the muchness of life.  That’s what “Remember & Celebrate” is all about.

How do you record your God Moments? Maybe it’s as simple as noting something on your calendar. I’d like to hear about it.

3 Replies to “Memoranda, Moleskins & Moments”

  1. Rebecca, I love how you are deliberate about getting the thoughts from your notebook into your journal. that’s something i need to work on.

    And Carolyn, I hope you are writing!

  2. Each morning I jot down blessings from my recent week and my prayer requests in a separate section of a pretty journal. Like your idea of a pocket tool to record thoughts from God… a practical idea…not for dates and my “to do” list!

    Your blog waters the seed planted years ago of sharing through effective writing, in addition to remembering God’s hand in my life. It’s more than the pleasure of the fun of playing with words. Watching them multiply to share rich meaning with others is awesome. When we plant seeds, water, nurture and tend them, they grow. That’s the way God planned it!

  3. I DO jot it down in my pocket calendar which I carry (like you) in my purse. Then it is transferred into my larger journal when I journal as part of my devotional exercise the following morning…

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