Missing Baby Jesus


Last year we started the tradition (doing it the second time makes it a tradition, right?) of hiding the Baby Jesus from the nativity sets I have around the house and having the children find them, bringing them back to the Nativity set. 

Then the children listen to Grandpa “read” the Luke 2 Christmas story. 


I say read in quotes because no one can paraphrase a story quite like grandpa, complete with mis-information to make sure the little ones are listening and they always are, happily correcting him!

This year Grandpa was helping set up the nativity sets and didn’t realize this one didn’t have a baby at all.  


Having a Nativity set without a Baby Jesus would be a good reminder for us, we thought, of what the world might be like if Jesus had never come. We left it up.  

That evening as we celebrated an early Christmas, we challenged the grandchildren think about it. 

Their faces were sober.
One of them pronounced it “Bad.”   

Seemingly unable to bear the thought,
6 ½ year old Ella
grabbed one of Grandpa’s hats
loudly proclaiming
“I think it would be great if a cowgirl
 walked came into the room.”


And soon everyone had joined in the fun.


joined the fun hats


At first I thought,
“Hey. . .This is serious stuff, kiddos.”

And then I smiled:
They believe.
Without  hesitation they
accept the Story of God
entering into our world.

Immanuel,  God with us.

And I prayed they would always believe the importance of HisStory and why He came. 


P.S.  When Grandpa read the story, he “read” there were Cowboys watching their cattle  by night. . . . . Busted!


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