More to Forgive

This morning is my first article at The PerennialGen – Growing Deeper Roots in the Dirt and Light of Midlife. A year ago I discovered Michelle VanLoon, a writer in a few suburbs northwest from me and co-editor of ThePerennialGen. Our connection has been a delightful one and an encouragement to me, personally. We have so many friends and acquaintances in common, are sure our paths must have crossed somewhere along the way.  She has invited me to be a contributor and this is my first contribution.

“It’s a cold dreary day in April and the tulips are drooping this morning. I feel like the tulips.”

I wrote these words to a friend a two weeks after a life changing decision thrust upon us – one we had no part in making and no warning of it coming.” It involved yet another messy transition from a significant leadership position. Very few knew the details. It looked like a budget cut to onlookers. To us, felt like betrayal and in a dysfunctional way it was. There was “blame” on both sides. It never came to a nice tidy solution. Christian organizations, including churches, are notorious for messy transitions and we had experienced our share of them. As with losses like these, I lost my role. My circle of trusted friends narrowed down to four people I could trust with the hurt and the anger. . .

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