Before and After, Day 6, part 1: People, Flowers and Food

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This evening we will be at the funeral home greeting friends and family.

People and flowers and food flowed into the house.
This white flower was one of the first and the most striking in appearance and fragrance.

Notice the new Testament and Psalms.
Carol and I “lived” in the Psalms (Holy Bible) over the next months
God’s words to us were a “sweet fragrance.”


Kitchen Maidens . . . (In Carol L’s own words): “For seven days, dear friends, Sharon Wood and Stefani Wright manned my kitchen . . . morning through evening! I never had to worry about a thing. In fact they wouldn’t even let me in my own kitchen! In the evening they put out breakfast before leaving for home. After breakfast they set out lunch, then they set out snacks, then came dinner, followed by desserts, and then came breakfast again. Day after day!

A card table was continuously well-stocked with every kind of hot and cold beverage and plenty of cups. They were highly organized and efficient! All food brought to my door was recorded and labeled if it went to my freezer. I am so grateful for all the woman who served us with food, but I am especially grateful for Sharon and Stefani who served on tired feet. They said their bonus blessing was listening in on much of our sharing . . . Precious memories and precious laughter. There is no one else I would rather have been here.”

Kitchen Angels . . . is what I call them. It is the most amazing thing to see these women float in and out of our lives all week. These women understand pain and their compassion is evident.  Sharon lost her own brother only four months ago. I do not find this out until later. She does not focus on her pain while she cares for me and my family. I realize that had I known I would have tried to care for her at a time when I had nothing to give. I just know I am surrounded by some of the most compassionate people I have ever known.   I learnedÂI don’t have to tell others about my own pain so they know I care. They will know. Nona was a newer friend who also was always “there.”  I will never forget them.

Brian steps in to make coffee when the Kitchen Angels are busy.

Carol puts this sign up on Friday, but the girls take it down – Carol puts it backup again! We are blessed beyond measure by their acts of loving kindness and gentle serving.


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