Psalm 42:1 in my own words

Psalm 42:1 As the deer longs for the water, so my soul longs for you, O God.

As I meditate on this scripture, I begin to think of the things I long for, the things that make my heart ache if I go too long without them.  I start to make a list. 

As a grandma longs for the embrace of a grandchild…
A running hug 

As the city dweller longs for a place so she can see the earth meet the sky...IMG_4349As a weary-caregiver longs for the Florida beaches the last two weeks of March...
waveAs one longs for the faces of friends who move away...
karen and brian
As a bride, two days before her wedding, longs for the face of her groom whom she has not seen for four months...IMG_8307As a mother longs for and rejoices to be in the presence of her grown sons . . .
Family Photo Shoot

And their families...
christmas mountain, ff week

It is my heart's desire to
long after you, O God.
And so I pray,
“Draw me close to you.”

“Written March 5, 2014. The words linger long after they are written.

as the deeradding a page to Life Lessons


11 Replies to “Psalm 42:1 in my own words”

  1. I can resonate with each photo and thought. Missing my grands a bunch lately and this makes me think to ….t u r n …. that longing towards The Lord. I’ve never seen your wedding photo and they sure are their Daddy’s sons! 🙂

  2. This is a beautiful testimony to healthy longings. I long for many of those same things too. And our ultimate soul longing for God. Thanks for sharing these words, these photos.

    1. thanks for visiting this week…I have played around with writing my own paraphrase, but not nearly often enough. I plan to do it a bit more often and see where it takes me.

  3. I’m next to you at Holley’s this week! I love how you related this Psalm to your life. You and I are both at the grandparenting stage of life it appears. Isn’t it wonderful?

    1. elizabeth, seems like we are neighbors at more than one place this week. thanks so much for visiting..i have enjoyed visiting your blog…we are in the same stage, enjoying grandkids. oh how i love it!

  4. Love this! So many times we read through the Bible and don’t really get the words, let alone bring them to life.

    1. It was neat to me that the next day I picked up a handout for the Lenten Retreat which had taken place a few days beefore and it was one of the exercises they hadsuggested. I have found writing scripture in my own words to be a good exercise when I take time to do it, although I haven’t done it a lot. Thanks for visiting today. Are you visitin from one of the blog links today? I often can’t tell who is who, since it’s the name of the post and not the name of the person. Good to have you here.

    1. hi there Jedidja…I have learned that facebook translates as long as i am on my computer – not on my cell phone. I love that and have enjoyed following you since connecting on Diana Trautwein’s blog…wasn’t it good today too! thanks for stopping by and happy birthday to your son from the United States!(chicago)

  5. how nice to see you visiting here Joy. Today I was with an old friend from highschool – we haven’t seen each other or been in touch except for a class reunion until faceebook connected us. Such a delightful time- another reminder of how we enjoy and revel in friendships is the way God wants us to enjoy him – and we’ll be able to do it forever!

  6. What a beautiful post, Carol! I love how you have personalised the longings so that they ring deep and true for you and all who read your words. And your lovely images make the words come alive with meaning.

    Thank you for reminding us of those things we long for and how much our souls need God’s refreshing touch. Such encouragement for our hearts! Bless you, my friend.

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