Psalm 46:1 – God, My Refuge

a favorite hide-away, Chicago Botanic Gardens

Posted 9/16/10 - written July 16, 2006 -  It’s 7 1/2 months after Gordon died. This week, we will be going to Montana to visit the place where Gordon was found. The job loss and the resulting crises it precipitated is still fresh, adding to my stress. During the sermon, the pastor asks us to spend a few quiet moments journaling on Psalm 46:1.

PSALM 46:1

GOD is our refuge!
    not our own workings . . .
    our own plans . . .
    our safety nets firmly in place.
God IS our refuge!
    not was . . .
    not will be . . .
    not maybe . . .
God is OUR refuge!
   Mine . . . Yours . . . Ours . . .
   A personal refuge.
God is our REFUGE!
   a place to which I run,
   a safe place away from all
      the noise . . .
         the danger . . .
            the confusion. . .
An EVER-present help in trouble!
   aways there . . .
   never leaving me,
   no matter how bad I feel,
   no matter how deep the pit.
An ever-PRESENT help in trouble!
   You make yourself “present to” me.
   I know you are there.
   I feel your love and your care.
An ever-present HELP in trouble.
   Not only are you present . . .
   You ACT!
An ever-present help IN TROUBLE!
   when “bad things” happen,
   when I need you most,
      always there to sustain me . . .
      offering what I need.
And I can say “I will fear no evil,
for my God is with me.”

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