A Steadfast Love, Cascading

Niagara Falls in the fading daylight, March 1989

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases.
Lamentations 3:22

This morning the  preacher talked of this steadfast love as we worshiped with our son and his family at their church. We do this occasionally, finding it to be a sweet time.

“Steadfast” love speaks of a
loyal love
full-of-resolve love
steadily-directed love

A recent photo of Niagara Falls appeared on the screen as he declared “This is the love that cascades over us – unceasing, loyal, resolute, steadily-directed.”

I remember:

– my parents telling of their honeymoon visit to Niagara Falls in 1947 and the story of the the “Maid-of-the-Mist” boat ride under the cascading water.

Harold and Esther Longenecker 1947
(Harold and Esther Longenecker 1947)

– our family visiting Niagara Falls 42 years later in 1989 watching water cascade over the falls

(Niagara Falls at night with our family in March 1989)

– one of our grown-up sons taking his family 22 years later, the water still cascading over the falls, as his family too, rode on the still-running “Maid-of-the-Mist,” just like his grandparents.


(Maid-of-the-Mist boat ride for our son and his family in 2011)

And as far as I have heard, the water has not stopped – day and night it cascades over the falls to the rocks below. Tonight, the thought of this kind of love is like the comfort of a puffy down coat on a bone-chilling Chicago day in January.

Tonight I pull the album of our trip off the shelf and i add this story of the steadfast love cascading over us.

Sometimes I lose the sense of his presence; these  kinds of things help me remember.  I want to remember.  I  want my sons to remember.

I can’t get away from the idea today.

Perhaps this will help me remember.

I always do better with a picture.

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