Backward and Upside Down Beauty

Did you know a drop of water reflects and turns an image upside down and backward. It changes the perspective of the light, the image, and the color. So does this clear glass ball which is a part of the lobby window treatment at our favorite Chicago hotel where we were celebrating our 46th anniversary.

Backward and Upside Down Beauty In The Window (The Inn of Chicago, Chicago, IL)


(December 21, 2016)
I’ve been sitting here in this quiet lobby, staring at this window treatment this morning, intrigued by the striking images. I notice how the top of the building and blue sky are reflected in the three larger glass globes on the left side.

I first noticed this phenomenon in the droplets of water clinging to tree branches after an earlier rain one morning at the Chicago Botanic Gardens.

Now here it is again.

Through the hotel window: an ordinary street, on an ordinary day, in an ordinary city and a bright new perspective.

In reality, nothing changed – just perspective transformed by the crystal ornaments!
I wrote about perspective several weeks ago.  My granddaugher captured the truth about it in these words:
God sees all perspectives.
And he is with us in ours.
Read about it HERE

Sometimes the perspective is disorienting like these images, yet in the disorientation, there is beauty.
I pray  you catch a glimpse of this beauty in the upsidedown-ness/backward-ness of  your life.

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