You Want Me To Do WHAT?

This view while on a retreat weekend led to a dialogue between God and me

* * * * * * * * * *

You want me to go where?
Out there?
You mean keep walking forward?
I can’t see.
What if there is a big drop-off out there?
An un-scalable mountain range?
A bear? A lion?

My child,
I didn’t tell you to go any further
than you can see.
There’s enough for the next step.
Do you remember, last night you saw
a different perspective.
You even saw a path leading into
those tall rushes.
You can see enough to get to the path
and start walking on it.
I know what’s ahead.
I know what you need
to keep going where I am

You can’t see but I can.

Just because you can’t see the path as far ahead as
you would like to see,
doesn’t mean you can’t start walking on the path
you can see.

But God,
I am frightened.
So many things can happen
have already happened.
Much as been
upside down
and backward.
I can’t keep up with
the changes.

My Child,
I know. I know.

You get to be scared.
It’s OK to question. I understand.

All I ask is to keep walking
as long as you can see enough to take the
next step.
I am with you. I’ve got you.

You people in your life who remind you
you are not alone.

But God,
What if I do get to a place where I
cannot see the next step?
What then?

My Child,
if you can’t see,
rest for a bit.

You’ll see the next step
when you need it.

So God,
How about this picture now? I’ve added these words.

My Child:
Now you’ve got it.

Thirty minutes later the way is becoming more clear.

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