Rest for the Mind and comfort

August 2009:  I am exhausted, in need of comfort, having spent the past two months intensely caring for mom and dad.  At last,  a chance to get away for a few quiet days at our favorite place. 

Christmas Mountain, Wisconsin

I’ll  catch up, process, plan, get organized.  As I share with Galen how exhausted I am, he suggests what I need is rest.  He encourages me to put aside my “plans” for tomorrow.  He observes  that the energy expended over these stress-filled months have taken their toll.   I need to rest, not process and plan. 

After a good night sleep, the first in a long time, I spend some time in Ruth Barton’s Book Sacred Rhythms,  spending most of my time on the chapter entitled  “Rest for the Mind.”   

I rest
      no problems
And go for a walk. 
Standing in the quiet
of the country lane I pray
"Oh, God, I need your comfort
Sometimes you seem so present
other times so far way . . .
      like now."
Today . . . right now
I need to feel you close
I need to hear from you

I continue walking
Is there something you have here
for me?

Through the trees ahead I hear
      footsteps scurrying
      to and from house to car.
      car doors opening and
      slamming shut
      Muffled voices
And then a clear, comforting voice ringing out
“Here I am.”

And I know I have “heard” from You.

Now three years later, I look back and see your comfort during the 7 weeks that followed until my mom died and then as I card for Dad.  

 I am grateful.  My prayer today this Sept. 11, is for those in need of comfort.

page from “Life Lessons” StoryBook


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