Rest for the Mind and comfort

Harold and Esther, August 2009

Mother is on hospice. We all know she does not have long to be with us. One of the things she wants most is to be able to go back to Morton and see their friends again. They had a sudden move here in May due to their rapidly declining health and they were not able to have a proper goodbye.

The day after the reception on August 16th, she is disappointed she didn’t wake up in heaven. She gets did get both wishes, the second one on Sept 25, 2009.

I’m looking back now, three years later:

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

August 2009: I am exhausted, in need of comfort, having spent the past three months intensely caring for mom and dad.  At last, a chance to get away for a few quiet days at our favorite place.

Christmas Mountain, Wisconsin

I’ll catch up, process, plan, get organized.  As I share with Galen how exhausted I am, he suggests what I need is rest.  He encourages me to put aside my plans for tomorrow.  He observes  that the energy expended over these stress-filled months have taken their toll. I need to rest, not process and plan.

After a good night sleep, the first in a long time, I spend some time in Ruth Barton’s Book Sacred Rhythms, Â spending most of my time on the chapter entitled Rest for the Mind. 

I rest
      no problems
And go for a walk. 


Standing in the quiet
of the country lane I pray
"Oh, God, I need your comfort
Sometimes you seem so present
other times so far way . . .
      like now."
Today . . . right now
I need to feel you close
I need to hear from you

I continue walking
Is there something you have here
for me?

Through the trees ahead I hear
      footsteps scurrying
      to and from house to car.
      car doors opening and
      slamming shut
      Muffled voices
And then a clear, comforting voice 
ringing out in answer
"Here I am."

And I know I have "heard" from You.

I remember  your comfort during the seven  weeks that followed until mom died and continued caring for Dad. 

I am grateful. My prayer today this Sept. 11, is for those in need of comfort.


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