Seasons change & Geese still fly south in the fall

Last week we were in PA for my Mother-in-law’s memorial service. My aunt (my mother’s 90 year old sister) who came to the memorial service of her long time friend, stepped out of the car, lost her balance, fell backwards and died 7 hours later.  The day after we got home, I went over to the lake for some quiet time.

I am at loose ends today
home after five long days
a long day of travel both ways
       one funeral attended
       one I cannot attend
Two Godly women
Two deaths
one lingering
one sudden

They lived full, long lives.
They wanted to "go home."
It's time, some might say.
Yet rarely is it that easy.
Once again death leaves me unsettled
looking for something I can count on.
Sitting by the lake
at the end of this unsettled day
I notice the geese.

They flew in from the north a few weeks ago.
They will soon be flying further south for the winter.

The sun is setting lower in the sky these days.

I sit and breathe in the regular-ness of these things.
I am comforted
The season's still change.

And geese fly south in the Fall.

And then I remember . . . 
It's not "something" I am looking for.
It's the "Someone" who keeps all these things in order.

I’ve been hanging out in Psalm 119 and here is what I recently read:
 Ps. 119: 89, 90  Your word, Lord, is eternal;  it stands firm in the heavens. Your faithfulness continues through all generations;  you established the earth, and it endures.

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  1. Yes, Carol, I read the obit in the Lancaster newspaper. She must have been a wonderful lady. I of course did not read about your aunt.
    I too am making weekly trips to Chambersburg each week to visit my 92 year old mother in personal care. She is cute and still active.
    Starting Jan. I begin part time, 3 days a week. i look forward to spend more time with grandchildren in Baltimore between visits with Mother.
    Thank you so much for the Christmas greeting and star and more recently the nice charm braclet.
    I catch your blog once in a while and love digital scrapbooking when I find time…Take care… Blessings toooooo.. L()VE… nr

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