Sometimes I feel like a Sparrow

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Not even a sparrow, worth only half a penny, can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it.”

“Only a sparrow” I observe
as I turn in disinterest from
the bird feeder outside my kitchen window

“Only a sparrow . . .”
Did I really say those words?
What was I thinking?

Jesus tells me “Your Father knows
when one of them
falls . . .

Aren’t you worth more than that?”
Making his point –
He will care for

I look at my future
known only by

I trust in the One who knows
when a sparrow falls. . .
knowing it’s safe to feel like a

A couple of months later, I was wondering if this was really true.  Many days I wondered if I believed it anymore, but gradually I came to know it was.  

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  1. Ah, good words to remember. I love all the birds that come and gobble up the seed. The three parakeets, of course. are the prettiest. Even my kitties love the sparrows and chatter excitedly when they see them.

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