September 1, 2008

It was going to be a quick run to Kmart to shop for a few things before leaving on a road trip. (“quick” was the important word!)

But when I came out to the car and turned the key,  there were just a few clicks and then nothing more happened! Dead battery, probably because of a door that did not shut properly the night before.

Galen and his jumper cables came to the rescue and soon we were on our way.

But as I waited and “wasted time,” I looked around to see what I could see. Maybe God had a reminder in this for me – something for me to consider.

(I have learned to stop, and pay attention. . . to Look up, look down, look around and see what God might have for me. )

But what can you see in a KMart parking lot in the suburbs?

And then I spotted the tree.

There it was . . .the only thing of beauty among the signs, the stores, the concrete, the cars  the trucks and light poles . . .

And then I prayed:  God, help me be like that tree, providing refreshment and beauty to those I meet as I move through the chaos of suburbia and ugly parking lots.

From my "paying attention" digital book


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