The Sun vs. The Fog

sun does it's magic

May the Light of Your Son 
through the fog 
that forms
for me
and for those I love.


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6 Replies to “The Sun vs. The Fog”

    1. Yes, I think sometimes fog is comforting – like a protection against stuff and man, sometimes that is just what we need. so I get that thought!

    1. It had been a couple years since we had been there together in the fall. (a time share resort on Wisconsin) so we had 5 days there. one year i didn’t go along because of work and the next year, I didn’t because I was home with Dad. So this time away was very special. The pics were taken right off the deck of our hide-away! As always, good to see you here LInda.

    1. Thank you for your comment Amber…I like it that you saw perspective in them. Not sure I thought of it that way, but your thoughts mean a lot to me.

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