To my Sons

A letter written to my sons on Mother’s Day.

my three sons

Yeah, I know it is July and way past Mothers’ Day.

Family Photo Shoot

Today, May 9, 2015,  I celebrate my 33rd Mother’s Day.
Three sons
Three Daughters in Law
Ten  grandchildren
And one husband who started it all with me.

“Be a mother” was #3 on my dream list.

#1 was “Get Engaged.”
Solitare diamond with gold band required

#2 was to “Get Married.”

wedding party

It was all about a summer wedding with bridesmaids standing beside me in pastels, except we got married in December and the pastels turned into dark avocado green velvet and lemon yellow chiffon.  Not to worry.  It was 1970 and we were in style.

#3 on my list – I wanted to be a MOM.  I could hardly stand the wait for G. to get out of seminary.

And on May 13, 1973, I celebrated my first Mother’s Day.

Scott, you made me a mother.   Amazed by you, I simply sat and looked at you in between wondering if you were eating enough (you were) and figuring out if I should rock you when you ate. Grandma said it was OK.  (It was.)  And my love was deep and strong and fierce.

Gerald, you were born only 19 months later because Jeanie and Lee Williams (Iowa) said it was good to have your kids close together.  I forget why.  It turned out to be a good idea for us.  I was afraid I didn’t have enough love for two babies.  You taught me I did..  And my love for you was deep and strong and fierce.

 Todd, by the time you were born, I already knew my fierce mother-love was not limited by the number of children I had and I loved you deeply, strongly and fiercely.  I was more relaxed  by this time and early on your brothers entertained you.

Sometimes I was afraid.
What were we doing, bringing you into such a confused world.  “Perhaps  they will grow up to be people who make a difference,” your Daddy said.

He was right.  You are making a difference.
And I love you with a fierce love.

There was one more big dream.

# 4 – be a Grandma

You grew up,  became husbands and fathers and fulfilled my dream.

ff 2

And I was pretty sure the same fierce mother-love, unlimited by the number of children I had, would be enough for being the grandmother of how ever many grandchildren I would have.

 It is.
Fierce:  (of a feeling, emotion, or action) showing a heartfelt and powerful intensity)

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15 Replies to “To my Sons”

  1. Visiting from #smallwonders! What a beautiful tribute to ‘fierce motherhood’ and the meaning of motherhood throughout generations in your family! I’m also a fierce mother, yet haven’t gotten to the grandchildren yet! You inspire me with your fierce love, your conviction, the beautiful family you and your husband created!!
    Thank you!

    1. thank you for visiting here. just came back from your blog after reading this. I remember showing my soon to be married son some pictures of our friends grandchildren and I said “make me some of these.” and he and his brothers did in due time! I have so enjoyed engaging with and doing special grandmother things with the grands. Its part of my mission in this stage of life.

  2. Oh, Carol … their energy just OOZES out of those first 3 photos … and the love you have for each other pours forth from the 2nd.

    Thanks for giving us this peek into your heart, your home, your memories.

    Hugs, friend!

    1. Linda, I have been thinking about you – the change of events as you had planned them. I saw the pic of your family on your blog last night and may you find comfort in each other as you all adjust to the sudden death of your dad.

  3. Thanks to everyone who has enriched our story over the years. Our love is deep and we so appreciate each one of you who shared with us the top, bottom, and everywhere in between on our amazing journey – life’s roller coaster ride!

    1. yes, the 70’s weren’t all that bad, were they? the kids laugh at the styles in the scrapbooks,but oh how they don’t understand we were COOL!

  4. Ooooohhh I love your family; because we love you and Galen. I am laughing because, UNBELIEVEABLY, my bridesmaid dresses were avocado green velvet and white chiffon!!! Who knew we shared such good taste!?!

    1. no kidding? we could have had a double wedding with the differentiation being the white and yellow chiffon! Love you friend.

    1. Oh Diana, that was a “few” years back! Thanks for stopping by. We have them all together for one week starting on Wednesday and I am so excited and I plan to get another grown up picture with my three boys.

      we’ll be three days here and three days up in Wisconsin. I have been following your lovely time in Hawaii and so happy you got the celebrate and be celebrated. It’s only right!

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