What Love Is This?


Surfside, FL, photo by Phillip Kreis, March 2017

As I shared yesterday in my Holy Saturday post, I have been feeling disconnected from Easter.  In the past, music and the lyrics spoke to me of God and his love for me. I am no longer directly involved in a worship arts ministry, where each carefully chosen song and its words speak to my heart in deep ways. I have missed it.

These days, the words have been coming from others’ words – this year, a poem and a story. I love how God speaks in ways we hear best.  He knows I love words.

The first one was by Ana Lisa de jong, a New Zealand Poet I have recently discovered.   The last stanza of this lovely poem has lingered in my heart these last days. With her permission, I share it here.

What love is this?
at would choose me,
that I might be His?
No indiscriminate,
‘you will do’
made by Him;
but rather
a personal,

What love is this,
that would give,
up so much?
Fall so low,
as to take upon
all our sin.
That would plan
to lose,
plan to give
up all,
so that we
by His humble offering
might win.

What love is this?
and what is our response?
To a love that
didn’t hesitate,
but rather knew
all along
the cost.
What is our response?
To Him,
who laid it all out;
His heart of love
for us,
in death
upon the cross

What love is this?
Who died not only ‘for ’me,
but ‘because’ of me?
Because He wanted me,
longed for me,
sought me out
and fought for me.
Love that,
for all of us,
He would have done
what He did for us;
even if,
there were only
one of us.

What love is this?
A love we cannot
cannot dismiss,
cannot fail to,
A love we must not
from embracing,
and celebrating,
Our gift to Him,
of the true cost
of our salvation.

Hebrews 6:19-20  (NIV)
We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain, where our forerunner, Jesus, has entered on our behalf. He has become a high priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek.

from Hope Springs – Poetry for the Soul – Volume 2 by Ana LIsa de jong


Ana Lisa de Jong is a poet and inspirational writer, mother and wife, and Chaplains Administrator for the New Zealand Defence Force.  Not always in that order.

Ana Lisa rediscovered the joy of writing in her 40’s, her first published piece appearing in ‘Refresh Journal of Contemplative Spirituality’.  Ana Lisa has published three inspirational poetry books in the span of four years, with Lang Book Publishing.  To keep up with her prolific writing, a fourth book ‘Heart Psalms’ will follow later in 2018.  Ana Lisa is also a regular contributor to Godspace.  Ana Lisa lives and writes in the beautiful North West Region of Auckland, New Zealand.


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