White Clover, Gods Creativity and Sharing Life With Grandchildren!


White Clover and God's Creativity

I created this card to send to my Grandchildren.  If they lived next door like in the olden days when family’s grew up together,  I’d take them for walks and we’d look at God’s big creative world together, but since we don’t, ……..

Created for my Grandchildren on May 11, 2010

I have a friend who is an well-known water color artist.  And she told me it’s good to  take time to look at things, like a patch of grass and to draw what we see.  I didn’t try drawing yet, but I  took a picture when I noticed how all the clover plants looked alike!

Each  heart- shaped with jagged edges  had a light  ‘V-shaped’ marking.  And then I did a little research.  I  learned each white flower is not just one flower but  20-40 individual  ones and  smells a little like cinnamon, I think!

Isn’t God creative?  He not only makes clover, he makes different kinds – and each KIND looks different from another KIND.

Isn’t it wonderful that He makes all these beautiful things for us to enjoy.

It’s hard to find clover in a yard that has had week-killer on it, but try looking the next time you’re at the park!

It’s good to Pay Attention!

What have you noticed lately?

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