Ice Cream Trucks, Solitude and Being

Lake Opeka, A Sacred Place

Lord, I’ve been sitting here at the lake.
The assignment from my class is to
     “practice solitude” . . . 
     to be quiet
     in Your presence.

I should just be honest and say
I know I should do this assignment.
But I’d really like to get going.
I have a lot to do today.
And just sitting here quietly
     in Your presence
     doesn’t seem very “productive.”
I should be
     reading scripture
               or at least
                    writing in my journal.

It doesn’t help that the ice cream truck plays on and on.
Lord, how can I practice solitude and quiet
     with “La Cucaracha”
     playing over and over? ”

Good!  It’s leaving now.
I’ll start over!
But the truck simply drives down the street
     to another location . . .
     And the music begins again?
Lord, what in the world am I to learn from this?

Ahh…quiet once again . . .
And I hear You say,
     “Don’t give up so fast.
No one ever said it was easy
     to just ‘be.'”

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  1. Dear Carol,
    I enjoy navigating your beautiful website and reading your wonderful blog entries. Practicing solitude, journaling, praying and just being are particularly important as we engage in so much “busy-ness,” overscheduling and bombardment of music and videomessaging. I believe that we have to make a conscious choice to just be, to quiet our minds and to let the important messages and connections happen.
    Cya, Marguerite

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