The Dance

The Dance - July 2008
The Dance – July 2008
written July  2008, 2 years ago:  God, there is so much change and growth going on in my life. You are helping me understand myself better. Sometimes I get tired of the energy it takes to continue growing. And that is where I was yesterday as I sat by the Lake:

Yesterday the grasses danced in the wind.
They did not resist nor did they fight .
They danced a graceful dance . . .
     gently swaying, dipping
     and then suddenly changing direction
     all in response to the wind.

Today the dance is much gentler . . . 
     The wind is gentler.
At first the grasses look fragile . . .
     as if they could break . . .
     as if they have no mind of their own.
Then I see - each blade is strong.
Its strength lies in its ability to
     bend and sway
     all in response to
     the wind.
Lord, You speak to me through this dance.
I am calmed. . .
     enchanted by the
     grace-filled movement.
I want the "true me". . .  
     the one you created
     to dance.

I cannot forsake this journey.
I must continue.
Lord, let me be full of grace
     bringing calm and sweet peace
     to those who watch me dance
     in response to your Holy Spirit.

Help me uncover the "true self" . . .
     the one you created me to be.
And then shed the "false self"
     the one that works so hard
      to preserve its image.

Help me pay attention
     to YOU . . .
     the one who made me.

And let the true me dance.

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  1. I absolutly love our poem/prayer. It brings back the memories of losing my beloved granddaughter, Alysa Mae (13) to a heart condition while running track at school. We had a special bond and so many plans for the future but God had bigger and better plans for her than those with Grandma. To add salt to the open sore her Mom couldn’t deal with it and took her own life a few months later. All in all God has been good to us! I must copy your prayer and recite it often to myself. Thank you! Marilea

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