A Couple Minutes of Rest

my corner table at the Garden Cafe
my corner table at the Garden Cafe, Chicago Botanic Gardens.

Snow, blue sky, clouds, bare trees. . .
I see them from my corner table
at the Garden Cafe.
The earth is resting.
Maybe the earth knows

Time to be . . .
Just a few minutes
to accomplish nothing
Why does it feel so

The breaths come further apart
Muscles unwind
And I feel God’s presence
in the

Immanuel – God with us.
Immanuel – God with me.

Sometimes winter seems like nothing.
But it rests
New life comes in the

as part of God’s Creation
I am not excempt.
I too, need rest and

Isaiah 30:15b . . . in quietness and confidence shall be your strength.”

” . . . how slow many are to learn that quietness is blessedness, that quietness is strength, that quietness is the source of the highest activity–the secret of all true abiding in Christ! Let us try to learn it, and to watch against whatever interferes with it.”

From Abiding in Christ by, Andrew Murray, spiritual writer born 1828, best known today for his devotional writing. My Grandfather, Sam Longenecker gave me one of his books when I was a highschool student.

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