A gift for me on my brother’s birthday

It’s January 6, my brother’s birthday. He would have been 55 years old today.  Of course, I have been thinking about him and being grateful that he was part of my life.

I wasn’t planning to go go to the lake this afternoon.
I’m just trying to pick up a few things at the store.

But maybe I do need to take the time.
I’ve been afraid it’s going to be hard to restart my rhythms
after such a bad start to the year.
being stuck in the house all week
with pounding head . . .
eyes that just wanted to stay shut.

But it is beautiful today. and it’s warm.
And I have “lasted” all day!
How can I not take a few minutes to see a January sunset.

And you reward me with this stunning sunset.

It changes before my very eyes.
I get more excited with each change.

and in 10  minutes I see THIS!
Lord, I’ve never seen a sunset like this before.

And I’ve seen a lot of sunsets over this lake.

And the ice . . . a thing of beauty all by itself.

And I start to wonder…
Is there something here you want me to see:
Something I should learn?

And you gently say – not this time.
It’s simply a gift to you for Gordon’s birthday.
I wanted you to see this.
I am glad you came here this evening.
I wanted you to remember I love you.

And tonight as I think of your gift to me,
I laugh
and I cry.
These are not tears of grief.
They are tears of joy
Me . . . .
thinking about YOU
thinking about me.

Immanuel, God with me.
Your amazing power and love is seen all you have created.

6 Replies to “A gift for me on my brother’s birthday”

  1. Hi Carol. I find such comfort gazing at the beautiful trees we have here in Michigan. In the winter, God strips them of their beautiful leaves. In the spring, God gives them back their beautiful leaves. In the summer, God continues to make some leaves even more beautiful than they were in the spring. Finally in the fall, God lets us know that he is darkening our beautiful summer leaves. The fall trees provide beauty to thousands of Michiganders who take color tour trips up into Northern MI. The leaves are dark green, firey red, orange, amber, light green and are seen mile after mile after mile. What a sight to behold!! God gives us beautiful lessons that depict of our lives through many seasons and many changes.

  2. Thanks for sharing this with us Carol. It’s beautiful…glory to God for His beauty in nature and in you!

  3. Sweetheart, Today is your birthday and you are God’s gift to me. Love your words, your awareness of God’s love for you. May we enjoy Him forever!

  4. You heard the still small voice and you stayed for the blessing; thanks for your lovely photos and impactful words. You are a treasure.

  5. OMG, Carol this is beautiful – the sunsets of course but also your thoughts and the words that expressed them. Your gift to US on your birthday – thanks so much.

  6. Beautiful words AND sunset. I think being cherished by God is transformational – even more than what He says to me, I am stunned that He said it TO me.

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