A gift for me on my brother’s birthday

It’s January 6, my brother’s birthday. He would have been 55 years old today.  Of course, I have been thinking about him and being grateful that he was part of my life.

I wasn’t planning to go go to the lake this afternoon.
I’m just trying to pick up a few things at the store.

But maybe I do need to take the time.
I’ve been afraid it’s going to be hard to restart my rhythms
after such a bad start to the year.
being stuck in the house all week
with pounding head . . .
eyes that just wanted to stay shut.

But it is beautiful today. and it’s warm.
And I have “lasted” all day!
How can I not take a few minutes to see a January sunset.

And you reward me with this stunning sunset.

It changes before my very eyes.
I get more excited with each change.

and in 10  minutes I see THIS!
Lord, I’ve never seen a sunset like this before.

And I’ve seen a lot of sunsets over this lake.

And the ice . . . a thing of beauty all by itself.

And I start to wonder…
Is there something here you want me to see:
Something I should learn?

And you gently say – not this time.
It’s simply a gift to you for Gordon’s birthday.
I wanted you to see this.
I am glad you came here this evening.
I wanted you to remember I love you.

And tonight as I think of your gift to me,
I laugh
and I cry.
These are not tears of grief.
They are tears of joy
Me . . . .
thinking about YOU
thinking about me.

Immanuel, God with me.
Your amazing power and love is seen all you have created.