A few words about a Fence Post

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From my August 2008 journal.
The truth doesn’t change
Just the details!

Psalm 63:8 I hold on to you for dear life. 
And you hold me steady as a post.
The Message

A random photo  
while walking
a country lane on

So much change
So much I can't

This verse 
from the sermon on 

And I know 
why I took an
ordinary photo
of an 
ordinary fence post. 

God's visual for this 
visual child 
of His.  

LORD, I am holding 
onto you
for dear life. 
Please hold me 
as a post.
Life Lessons
Life Lessons

2 Replies to “A few words about a Fence Post”

  1. Wish I could post a scene I saw in VT 56 years ago after we arrived to a snowfall of three new feet (the week before I started dating Millie). The next morning when we looked out across the meadows from our hosts dining room all we could see were a lengthy series of sequential “bumps” in the snow about eight inches high – fencepost we were told. When contemplating thoughts such as yours this scene often comes back to me. Even though we are frequently “smothered” – snowed under(?) the posts remain to keep us on track. With you, I thank God for sturdy fence posts in our lives.

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