Baby Ducks and God’s Faithfulness


( I wrote this last summer, June, 24, 2010)

Today I see them . . .
     the baby ducks.

I look for them every year,
It’s already June
And I have been wondering where they are.

Maybe it’s been too cold –
Too. . . . . something?
And I am surprised by how 
      seeing them today makes my heart sing.
And I wonder what this is all about.

Maybe it’s because it just feels good
     seeing things work
     like they are supposed to
     when it seems like so much doesn’t
          work at all.
I sense a sweet peace,
     all because of a mama duck
     and her ducklings.
Could it be, God, that it’s a reminder to me
     of  your faithfulness?

And then I remember Genesis 8:22 . . . .

“As long as the earth endures
     seedtime and harvest,
          cold and heat,
               summer and winter,
                    day and night
                         will never cease.”

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  1. Carol I so agree! We just watched mama duck try to herd her 8 ducklings and it is a reassuring sense of peace and wonder. We need to catch up!

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