Radio Controlled Model Planes, My Life and God

The model airplanes are flying again,
          diving low, at times skimming the lake
          and rising again,
          flipping, rolling,
          banking to the left and then to the right,
          at times simply flying through the air.
I think of how the safety of the plane depends on
          the skill of the operator.

Lord, as our lives dip, turn, rise, flip and roll
Help us to remember . . .
          You have the controls of our lives.

There is no problem with Your skill as operator.
Our response is to simply rest
          in this confidence
          as we move through the
              days . . .
                        weeks . . .
                                  months . . .
                                            and years
          you have remaining for us.

There will be times it won’t turn out
          “all right” . . .
          all the time . . .
          to our liking . . .
but as long as it’s to
          Your liking . . .
                    Your plan . . .
                              and in Your time . . .
we can rest secure.

Even when we lost Gordon,
He was not lost to You.
We did not die.
We still love You.
We still say You are good.
Blessed by Your name!

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