Birthdays are for Remembering

Ronald Verle Longenecker 9/12/1957-5/5/1960

Today I am thinking about
a brown-eyed little boy –
born 53 years ago today –
I think about what he would have been as an adult!
I only knew him 2 1/2 years –
too little time to really know . . .
I  remember eyes sparkling with life,
full of mischief.
I think he would have been
more tall than short . . .
still have his brown eyes
and brown hair . . .
And we’d call him Ron, instead of Ronnie!
I miss him on days like today –
I imagine he and Gordon are “playing” together once again.
Someday I will “play” with them too.

Feeling tender, a little sad and happy that I had him in my life!
And grateful for the love of friends who have become like family to me!!

7 Replies to “Birthdays are for Remembering”

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  2. This one brings tears to my eyes…some of them I understand, many of them I don’t. Honoring reality is not always the easiest journey, but certainly the most rewarding. Thank you for your constant example of seeking out the Truth and settling it in your heart!! You are a HERO to me!! Hugs!

  3. Carol~I love Donna’s message…as always, so well said and thoughtful! I love receiving your messages…they are lovely! I feel closer to Ronnie or perhaps, Ron, since working on your album…thank you for the trust! Lovingly~Suzanne

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