Solitude, Disciplines and Airplanes


Airplane lined up for runway at O'hare Airport, 7/25/10

“A spiritual discipline is necessary in order to move slowly from an absurd (Latin word for ‘deaf’) to an obedient (‘listening’) life . . . from a life filled with noisy worries to a life in which there is some inner space where we can listen to our God and follow His guidance.”

As I was reading this, I looked up and saw an airplane on approach to the runway. That in itself is not usual; I was sitting at the Lake, about a mile from the airport, but this morning, the approach was unusual. Normally I would not have noticed an airplane headed to the runway…but this one was flying right toward me – well, toward the airport.

I believe God used the out-of-the-ordinaryt flight plan that day to capture my attention. I didn’t have my camera and I have not seen that approach being used since, but I did go back a few days later and get a picture of a plane headed to the airport – I wanted to “Remember and Celebrate” what God taught me! Maybe some day I’ll be at the Lake and see that original approach again. I hope so!

Just a few days later, right before our National Creative Memories convention began, I was at a friend’s home, for the evening, anticipating some quiet time in the morning before the happy “madness” begins. As I meditated on these words once again, I was struck once more that this kind of life requires intentionality!

And I wrote . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

God, I know this: 
      but I need to be reminded.
You give insights and guidance.
But for me to receive this guidance,
I need to be quiet.
Lord, I am going to convention . . .
      noise and happy confusion
      from the time I hit the place . . .
      non -stop for three 1/2 days.
And I know I must
      plan for . . .
      head into . . .
      set my sights on . . .
      finding quiet moments.
            just like this airplane,
            lining up for the runway
            long before it gets there.
Dear Carol,
I love it when you plan for times with me.

You have changed me in so many ways,
Help me pay attention to how I show up this week.

My dear Carol, I will,
      but you have to give me focused time!
Shirley says you can always
      find a closet!
Look for it!

Thank you Lord!

Added note: I did find a rather unusual “closet,”  but that’s for another time!

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