Bumps, Comfort and “Papa Neckie’s” Lap

Dear Princess Rosebud,
It’s always fun to baby sit for you.
Papa Neckie came along tonight.
You were having such a good time.
And somehow you fell and got a big “goose egg”
on your sweet little forehead.
And you were Very Sad!

You let Mimi hold ice on it for awhile

Then needing comfort,
you go to where you have received love before.

Crawling up onto Papa Neckie’s lap, you snuggle quietly,
occasionally turning your head to gaze lovingly into his eyes.

You accept his loving pats,
and his murmured words of assurance.
Comforted, you soon climb down,
but not until you had what you needed.

I think it’s like when we come to Jesus
and let him love us when we feel bad.
We can pretend to climb right up on his lap
and stay there until we feel better.

My prayer dear Sweet Princess is as you grow,
you will know Jesus and his love for you
because the important people in  your life
showed you love and comfort.

When I am sad, I sometimes picture myself
crawling up into Jesus’ lap.

I have found Him to be Loving.
I have found Him to be Good

2 Replies to “Bumps, Comfort and “Papa Neckie’s” Lap”

  1. Just gotta love having a “Papa Neckie’s lap”…
    Am so glad and very thankful to have a loving Savior that comforts when we stumble and fall.
    Thanks, Carol, for being aware and paying attention to those everyday moments that become sacred because you allow God to speak to you through them and then sharing them with us so we too can learn and gain wisdom from your walk! What a precious gift you are to your friends!!
    Hugs to you, my friend!

  2. My Emily,

    I was with you on Saturday night. You are growing much more aware of ideas, other people, and yourself. But if your memory fades just a little so you forget that it was me that was at the kitchen table with you when you fell, I won’t mind that.

    I love you!


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