Telephone Poles, Wires and Lent

I notice the beauty the evergreens from my window
freshly decorated with the overnight snow storm.

And once again I am irritated by the clutter
of telephone pole and wires.

What if I could just clear it all away?
How it would change the view!

Lord, sometimes “telephone poles and lines”
get in the way of seeing you clearly.

And I am reminded. . .
Lent is a good time to
clear out the clutter that interferes with
seeing your
Help me be honest about what you show me.

And may I be just as irritated by the
“poles and wires”
in my own life
as I am by the
“poles and wires”
in my back yard.

As we clear out the clutter in our souls, we become more finely attuned to what is really going on in our lives spiritually and the invitations that are there for us. As we experience a broken and contrite heart in the face of what we are seeing, the way is opened for God to teach us wisdom in our secret heart. ” -Â Practicing Lent: An Invitation to Return to God”


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