Close to the Source – summer at the Lake


Today  (3/18/2014) as I read Reclaiming A Redeemed Life Blog by Holly Barrett,, I was reminded of my own journey in “darkness” this past year.  I am linking one of my recent posts with Holly’s  post  on the times when things seem so dark and God seems far away.  Click HERE  to read her post on Testimony Tuesday

I know.  It’s winter, it’s cold and a lot of us have snow.  Some of us have a LOT of  snow. With more in the forecast.  Since I love snow, I am ok with all of this.

So yes, I know this post is from the end of last summer.

You may have noticed this site has been very quiet.  If you need an update on “where “ I have been, read  “My Story” update, especially the third paragraph (if you have read it before.)  If this is your first time here, it will be helpful for you to read all of it.)  

 It has been difficult to focus as I have struggled to adjust to the unexpected and all the implications that have come along with it.  It has been hard to sense God’s presence many of these days.  I know what it is to feel his presence and it has been hard.  I have continued to journal, but “writing” creatively was difficult and most of the time impossible.   Somehow, over the past nine months we have found a sort of  routine between the two of us as we care for  my dad, although it certainly isn’t the routine I had expected.  The last couple weeks I feel like the clouds have parted and I can see the stars again. ( a future post).   I know there will be more clouds but  for now I am thankful for the view.   

And decided to take a look at this blog.    

There I discovered several drafts that never saw the light of day and it seems like a good place to start again. (This one is from the end of the summer)  I hope to write more here while I can still see the stars.  


(written at the end of August, 2013)

When you come to a place often, you notice things – like grass for instance:

The grass across the lake is green.
Of course it’s green.
It’s a golf course
watered every day.


But the rains have stopped
And where the grass is not watered
the only green grass remaining
is along the edge of the lake.

The rest becoming more brown with each passing day.


As I look back at last summer’s post after a particularly dry period,
as dry as it was, there was a bit o’green – right along the edge.

lake Opeka

I see it happening again this summer, although thankfully the water level isn’t as low this year.

And then the rains came this weekend.
All of the grass is green again.


The “safest” place for grass is
close to the edge . . .
where it can weather the drought.

A reminder that I too, must stay close to my
source of life.

Grass cannot choose
where it grows.

I, however, can


Staying close to my source of lifee: 

For me that most often means;

Spending time in meditation on scripture, God’s words to me.

Spending time in the beauty of His Creation,
where I most easily hear his words of love.

Listening to music
created by gifted musicians  . . .
with words that break through
the fear and doubt.

Setting my iTunes to ‘random’
I like to think it’s God’s Playlist

created just for me.     

And when doubts and fears drown out his voice?
Sometimes the
words of my friends are God to me.
Often though, it is not what they say.

It’s the presence they offer.

And when the clouds obscure the stars
it’s knowing he is OK with my doubts
secure in the knowlege he still loves me.
until the stars are in view again.

* * * *

Blessed is the one . . .whose delight is in the law of the Lord . . . (He) is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whos leaf does not wither.  Psalm 1:1-3

How do you stay close to the “Source of Life”?
Feel free to share it here.
Maybe your words will encourage others who come here.

Perhaps what helps you will help others. 

8 Replies to “Close to the Source – summer at the Lake”

  1. Thank you Carol. I read not long your blog. But love it. Your writing style and thoughts. That’s surprising. Thank you for the beautiful, spiritual lesson in this blog. The photos are awesome!

    1. Thank you Jedidga. I participated in group spiritual Direction and one of the things she taUGHT US was to “pay attention.” she would tell us to Look up, Look down, and Look around us to seee what God might be saying to us wh ile we were paying attention. So because I am so visual, I would try to take a picture of whatever it was that God used to speak to me….and that is what started this style of writing. I have a simple digital camera and not a “photographer.” And I almost never am anywhere without a camera.

  2. Love your photos, Carol, and what a great analogy about staying close to the source of our life. I know that I have to stay in His word daily in order to stay “green.” Thanks for linking up to Testimony Tuesday…so great to have you join us!

  3. I am so glad to read your writing again. Your gift of words speaks to my heart. I hope you will be able to write more as it blesses you and others so much.

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