Watching Grandpa

img_0029There he sits, watching grandpa
create a play yard
for him and his little brother.

So much room in this new great big yard
in this new place
Perfect for the big boys
And even bigger ones!

06-03-11 todd's house011

But two of them are still little
And to be safe, they need some help
from the grown-ups in their life.

play yard

And so he sits there
just watching
and it becomes clear.

I need to sit quietly
at the feet of Jesus
watching him
Learning about his life

Just quietly being in his presence.

It’s how I learn about the Father.

John 14:9 Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father.

David Benner in The Gift of Being Yourself reminds us of this – and that to knowÂGod, we must know ourselves, and to know ourselves, we must know God.  Excellent book I have started many times, but always seemed to get side tracked.  I am focusing on it again.

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  1. Lovely insight; that sometimes God must hem us in to keep us safe — those boundaries often don’t make any sense but here you are dear friend, reminding us to WATCH the Father. Thank you.

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